Can a dealer purchase retail handsets directly from AWS?
  AWS can provide the dealer with a small inventory of handsets for spot deliveries. However, the cost of each handset will be at full retail price. If a dealer wishes to mark-up handsets that are shipped directly to the dealer for spot deliveries, they can do so
  Buyer’s Remorse - Can activation be terminated within 24-hours if a customer backs out of vehicle sale?
  Yes, each carrier has an early termination policy that stipulates penalties ranging from $150 to $200. There may or may not be a period of time where the contract can be cancelled without this early termination fee depending on the carrier. However, the customer will be responsible for the full retail cost of the handset once it is activated.
  If retail handsets are purchased for spot deliveries, how will buy-downs from new activations are applied?
  Dealers are now allowed to sell handset to a customer at a reasonable market price; no longer at the previous high prices as seen as the past (i.e. $350 vs. $650). In those instances, AWS will provided the sales person a SPIF of $50 for any new activations from these types of transactions
  Can any retail Motorola V600/V710 now be used with the MB MHI cradle?
  No, the Mercedes-Benz branded handsets have a special software load that allows them to integrate with the vehicle.(MB V600 is not approved with the MB BT devices.)
  Will Nextel handset be available in the future?
  MBUSA is continuously testing Nextel handsets for compatibility with the vehicle system. However, the Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature offered on Nextel phones provides many technical limitations.